Jeff Malderez
Visionary Artist & Designer
Jeff is a British artist residing in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.
His visionary artwork is co-created through his connection to and inspiration from Spirit. One glance at any of his stunning pieces, transports the viewer into a myriad of worlds that encompass the various emotional, mental and spiritual states of human experience and existence. 

Affording them the opportunity to look deeper into their own inner world and enabling them to identify both pain and delight. Through this medium, the artist brings the viewer on a journey of personal exploration and healing. The many variant colors, textures and hues make the journey more palpable to those willing to look more deeply into themselves and the world around them.  
If you are interested in hosting an installation of Jeff's art at your facility, gallery or venue, would like to feature his work in your company brand, or would like to discuss a comissioned piece of art, please get in touch! 
Exclusively sold at The Funky Phoenix, 441 North Street, Pittsfield, MA...
The Recovery Totem Collection
The Phoenix Totem
When facing any difficulty in our lives, often times FEAR can take over and lends itself to avoidance, detachment, and over reaction – perhaps we begin to indulge in unhealthy behaviors and patterns. FEAR can be used however, to motivate us to change – to assist us in seeing what lies beneath that needs to be brought up to the surface to be healed. 
RELEASE comes when we face our deepest darkest fears and with the help of others in our spiritual community thereby rendering us willing to let go of that which has kept us bound and chained – this release can be painful and difficult but when we walk through it with our eyes and hearts wide open it can lead us to a greater understanding, new convictions and a commitment to living our best lives. 
In REDEMPTION we take that which no longer serves us and offer it up to the light, to something or someone greater than ourselves. In doing this our past deeds, actions and limitations are seen as steps to a better understanding of ourselves and others and lends itself to a renewed commitment to living our fullest and most rewarding lives. Our experience gives us clarity and compassion; we can then be of better service to our friends, family and community.
The Salvation Totem
It seems so commonplace nowadays that youngsters and adults alike are faced with, and tempted by, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling and many other means of excess that it's no wonder that many people develop an ADDICTION to one thing or another.

When faced with the grip of ADDICTION, deeper patterns of hurt, anger, resentments and fears can present themselves. However, if properly worked through, they can lead to greater INSIGHT as to the root causes of the symptoms of addictive behaviors.

Once the individual is aware of some of these root causes and repeating patterns, a new AWAKENING occurs whereby a very real phase of recovery can happen at a very deep and authentic level.  The net result of this process is salvation from not only the addictive behaviors, but also healing of the root causes also. 

The Liberation Totem (mini)
The misuse of WILLPOWER is often central to the initial development of many destructive and unhealthy patterns of behavior, thought and emotions alike. Left to our own devices, we can easily run riot with our WILLPOWER to the effect that we can, if not careful, let things get out of control and extremely unmanageable indeed.

Through the use of various spiritual and therapeutic recovery approaches and techniques we can begin a process of TRANSFORMATION that if genuinely desired, pursued and maintained can lead to literal miracles in healing and betterment.

This is a spiritual process of REBIRTH, in which the individual is liberated from ills and diseases in a very real sense. The light is then awakened in the authentic Self which in turn can be shared with the World around them for the greatest and highest good of all.
The Spirited Collection
Spirit/Talking Tables
If you have ever used a Spirit board of any kind, you know the pains of bending and stretching to keep the planchette going. Jeff has designed the perfect solution. Blending practicality with art and beauty, Jeff has repurposed TV tray tables for the ultimate Spirit Talking Board.

Moveable, collapsible and it even has a handy tuck away spot for your planchette.
Pendulum Tables
Stand or sit at your convenience, these ultimate pendulum tables offer ease of use as well as a plethora of answers that you can receive beyond the standard yes/no of pendulum usage. Made of repurposed TV Tray Tables, you can easily transport it wherever you go.

Comes with an eye hook for your pendulums safe keeping when not in use.
Customize Your Spirit
Jeff will tailor any Spirit Talking table, Pendulum Table, Altar and/or other furniture types to your personal tastes, imagination, practice, tradition, or belief. 
Bring your inspiration and vision to life in full color on solid wood.
Not sure how to express what you want? Talk to Jeff about your ideas and he will help them come to life with direct guidance from Spirit.
(non-spiritual related furniture can also be arranged, if desired).
Spirit Impressions
As a spirit artist Jeff, will work with you by connecting to your energy through a photo you send to him of yourself. With this photo he taps into the spiritual realms seeking that which wishes to come forward for you. Jeff does not, at this time, take commissions for a specific type of entity or being, but instead leaves it up to that spirit or being that would come at this particular time for your highest good. Whether it is to give you guidance or merely assurance that they are nearby. In working with the entity which shows up, Jeff will first draw it/(them) as presented and then will scan the drawing and make a digitized and, if instructed, colorized copy of the portrait. 
Jeff then meets with the recipient on a video call, to discuss the impressions he received while creating the spirit impression. Finally, Jeff will email the digitized version to you and mail the original drawing.
Below are some of the categories and examples of Jeff’s prior works.
Ancestors & Other Loved Ones
Spirit Guides & Allies
Cosmic Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters & Your Higher Self
Giclée Canvases
Available in five sizes, these premium quality giclée canvases are a perfect addition to any art collection. New designs are being added frenquently, so be sure to check back often.
Fleece Blankets
Designs are printed on premium 100% spun polyester for a cotton-like feel using the latest dye-sublimation technique that does not peel, flake or crack. Available in two sizes, these vibrant fleece blankets are very popular.
All-over dye-sublimation printed clothes ranging from T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Crop Tops and more - for both men and women. 
Jeff Malderez - Together with Medium Julie MacDonald and Mike "the skeptic" in Pittsfield, MA on 9/21/2017. 
Scared of Spirit Talking Tables / Pendulum Tables? Do you think they are evil? Read on... 
Talking boards were evolved during the latter half of the 19th century, when at the advent of modern spiritualism it was commonplace to find entire families engaging in spirit communication in their homes. 
Despite its modern “bad” reputation, a Spirit Talking Board is something that offers us each an opportunity to get clarity by communicating directly with our guides, angelic beings and more. 
The Ouija™ board was quite popular in the early half of the 20th century, but stories of mysterious and unnerving happenings (as a result of unskilled and negative operators) has pushed the public to shy away from or be frightened of these simple tools, due to this misconception. 
There are many even in the psychic world who are opposed to its use, due to lack of education on the uses and the proper ways to go about it. A Spirit Talking Board is only as negative as its user. 
One of the principles of mediumship is that ‘like attracts like”. 
While Spirit Talking Boards didn’t come around until the end of the 19th Century, divination was used since the beginning of mans time here on earth. 
Greeks consulted oracles and the Assyrians and Romans practiced divination by augury to obtain guidance from the “gods.” 
The early Christian Church was founded on the basis of mediumship, Jesus being considered to have been an exceptionally gifted psychic and medium, as illustrated in the reports of his healing powers, inspired teachings, and so-called ‘miracles’. 
Jesus also said in John 14:12, King James Version (KJV)12 : 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. 
The point, dear friends, is that Spirit is around us and wants to communicate with us, to assist us in living better lives, being better people and being closer to God.
Oracle Cards
The Art of Awareness Oracle Cards:  
A project led by Spirit, co-created by Jeff Malderez and Jody Morrison. 

This is not your “usual” oracle deck. It has been designed to incorporate the visionary artwork of Jeff Malderez and the Spirit-inspired writings of Jody Morrison. The deck does not focus on “human nature” issues and problems as much as it does on spiritual “life path” issues as applied to daily living. This is an oracle deck for those consciously working with their spiritual development.

Design Spotlight
Self: The Totality - As we journey through life, there are many twists and turns. At times we may seem to lose our way. Trapped in a myriad of fears; regrets from the past, worry about the future. We become entombed in the Bondage of Self.  
Such bondage is the very thing that forces us to begin to pull at the chains that hold us back, but when we stop struggling, it is then that we can begin to release our fears and remember the totality of Self in all of its playful divinity.

September 2017 
Appologies about the lack of updates recently, but I have been busy and inspired by Spirit to produce a new series of wood art called "The Spirited Collection"; which makes use of repurposing TV tray tables and creating Talking Spirit tables, pendulum tables and more. 
Using brilliant colors as well as pyrography and carving, these tables come to life. Not only are they beautiful; they are useful as well. 
Say goodbye to back aches from slouching in your chair trying to balance the boards - pull your chairs right up and have a talk with Spirit!
To work with Jeff, or to feature his designs in your company brand,
please get in touch. 
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